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We can design and install a system to meet your individual requirements.

Door Entry Systems

Nicholas James offer a range of quality Door Entry and Access Control Systems to meet with your requirements.

Access Control

An important part of keeping your organisation secure is restricting staff or visitors to the areas they are authorised to enter. Whilst keys can lock them out of these areas they can be difficult to administer and keep track of.

Nicholas James can design and install a system to meet your individual requirements. For smaller businesses a cost effective can be one or several standalone systems, which require a code/fob/card or combination of these to grant access. For larger premises a PC based system will accommodate hundreds of doors/barriers, thousands of users with multiple access groups and time zones. The capability to connect remote sites via various means such as LAN/WAN or dial up further expands the capabilities of your system. All the administration takes place at the PC on simple to use software, which can also provide a fully searchable staff database. With the ability to integrate with your CCTV system you can have an extremely powerful security system watching over your premises, deciding who can go where and when.

Your Access Control System will only be effective as long as it is 100% operational. Failure of a single lock, reader or controller will result in your premises security being compromised. Nicholas James can provide service and maintenance agreements to ensure your premises is only "open" when you want it to be.

Door Entry

A door entry system designed and installed to a high standard by Nicholas James will provide you with the ability to safely grant access to your premises. From single door to multi-occupancy flat systems we have a system that will meet your needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact for a free quotation for your premises.

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